Sorry Spiderman......

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Never before has Spiderman been a source of such mass disappointment, anguish and despair. (Not that I know of anyway - I'm not a regular follower of his adventures...) But as the face of the Virgin London Marathon 2016 'rejects' magazine, he delivered bad news to thousands of runners last week.

Sad spiderman

But in true superhero style, we're saving the day and trying to turn those frowns upside down! 

Our aim is to hold a 13 mile (unlucky for some - but not this time!) Reject's Run at a yet TBC location, with runners (and joggers, walkers, crawlers and anything else in between) embracing the Spiderman theme - be that the full costume, facepaint or just the red and blue colours! 

All participants will receive a medal, but above all this is a FUN event! Pulling together in the face of disappointment and having a jolly good time doing so. It will be a truly inclusive event, non-competitive and very friendly. (Hop over to the About Us section to check out our ugly mugs and get to know us!) There will be a small entry fee for the event - partly to cover the cost of the medal; the rest of which will go towards a soon-to-be-announced charity (superheroes eh? Always doing good deeds...)

To make sure that as many people as possible can be involved, we will also be offering a Virtual Reject's Run alongside with our sidekicks at Virtual Run 24/7,so you could even meet up with local Reject's and run the distance on a local route, or be a true superhero and run it alone!

Make sure you're following us on Twitter @VLMRejectsRun where we'll be launching some epic competitions, and telling you about our exciting plans to extend the Reject's community, with meet-ups and social events. We want to be guided by you guys to make sure we're making this event the best it can be for YOU, so don't be shy! 

Finally, make sure you join us on Twitter at 8pm on Thursdays for #rejectsranthour for your chance to chat about anything and everything!Get to know your fellow Rejects and make yourself at home in this awesome community!

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