The #rejectface winner is......

Monday, 19 October 2015

You sobbed, you cried, you scowled, you baked brownies; but most importantly of all, you photographed yourself doing it and sent us the evidence. 

Looking through all the entries for the #rejectface competition cheered us up no end, but one picture captivated us more than the others…

reject face winner

A wonderfully expressive face, perfectly capturing the sorrow that so many of us felt whilst bitterly reading the rejects magazine, means that @ryaniterun has been chosen as our winner! (The arty black and white filter went down a treat too). Well done fella, your prize will be winging its way to you shortly; we hope it cheers you up and turns that frown upside down! 

Stay tuned to this here blog and the @VLMRejectsrun Twitter feed for more news and updates coming soon!

the winner of rejectface

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