About Us

Want to know a little more about the rejects behind Rejects Run?

Meet Ryan

Ryan Wiltshire aka Dolfe_Steele. Dad; Video Game Producer @splashdamage; Newly running addict; helper of homeless @inaidstation; epic beard aspirer; trekkie, likes to draw faces encapsulated by an obsessive compulsive personality

Meet Leyla

Leyla Brooke - Runner, dog lover, social media guru, blogger and Mother to 2 [Oh and another due in 2016].  Firm believer that if life gives you lemons make lemonade. 

Meet Joanna

Joanna Barlow - runner; lover of all things healthy; unhealthily obsessed with Taylor Swift, six pack wearer and not ashamed to show you; toddler tamer; wish I had an American accent (see Taylor Swift obsession.)

Charlotte Potter - owner of Virtual Run 24/7, running enthusiast and bling collector. Loves high heels, sunshine and carrot cake. Wishes her life was a musical. True believer of "Go big or go home!

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